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Why Choose Wombat Solutions?

We are different.

We have all been there. Struggling through lingering Salesforce projects that never seem reach the completion date. Navigating timelines that are rarely met. Dealing with misunderstandings, miscommunications, or even worse mistakes - all of which cost you time and money.

At Wombat Solutions, we follow a different business model.  We base our services on a fixed premium rather than an hourly rate.  That means that if we take longer than expected, you're not coming out of pocket while we redirect course. Our mission is to deliver fast solutions that are less costly.

We have skills. 

Our team members are multi-certified through  Certifications aren't easy to get, and are a pain to maintain. We value continued education and are always looking to grow our certification brag sheet.  Currently we are holding certs in Administrator, Advanced Administrator, Platform App Builder, Platform Developer, Sales Cloud Consultant, and Marketing Cloud Email Specialist.  More to come soon...

We specialize in small businesses.

Maybe you haven't been on the SFDC platform for very long.  Perhaps you don't even have a full time admin, developer, or the budget to spend on inflated SOWs from the other guys.  We specialize in helping out the smaller companies out there who are price sensitive but still need top quality work done. 

Training is our thing.

Some consulting partners are great at building, but fall short when it comes to training the most important people, the end user!  We deliver training in a fun, informative, and results guaranteed way.  By focusing on user adoption, we can help ensure your projects are a success for the long haul.  We put a lot of focus in this area, and you'll see the difference when your users are loving the platform!  

The price is right.

We've seen SOWs.  We know.  It's gross.  With Wombat Solutions, you won't see over inflated rates, unaccounted-for time, or gross over-estimates.  We work with companies of all shapes and sizes and will work within your budget to meet your hopes and dreams.

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